When to Look for Help

  10 Warning Signs That Your Family Member May Need Help 1. Appetite – changes in eating habits, weight loss, no appetite or missed meals? 2. Personal Hygiene - wearing dirty clothes, body odor, bad breath, neglected nails and teeth, sores on the skin? 3. Living Conditions - Is their home being neglected, or not as clean/ sanitary as you remember growing up? 4. Social Behavior – ... Read More »

Topics to Discuss with your Loved One

  As we age and live longer, financial, legal, health care and long term care issues affect families, not just individuals. Families may avoid potential problems and be in a good position to deal with later life needs by understanding and being prepared to face the following issues. Conversation Checklist Financial Organization There are many financial resources that your loved one might a ... Read More »

Additional Reference Links

There are a lot of additional links with helpful insights and information regarding care for your loved one.  AR GetCare Arkansas Department of Human Services Department of Health and Human Services DHS Division of Aging and Adult Services  Arkansas Cost of Care Survey Elderly Services Homecare & Hospice National Association